Support Your Recovery This Holiday Season with These Simple Tips

Support Your Recovery This Holiday Season with These Simple Tips

At Beacon Point Recovery Center, we understand that the holiday season can be tough for individuals with Substance Use Disorders and those in recovery from Substance Use Disorders. You may put pressure on yourself to do too much, feel isolated from those you care about, or become stressed out by seasonal temptations.

Give yourself the gift of a successful recovery this year with these helpful holiday tips:

Take Care of Yourself

It’s easy to feel stretched-thin during the holiday season. Family gatherings, office parties, gift shopping, and other events can seem like overwhelming obligations, rather than joyous occasions. Find the right balance between a quiet holiday season at home and a festive whirlwind. No one will mind if you decline a few invitations.

Plan for Potential Triggers

It’s natural to encounter a number of triggers during the holiday season, so consider how you can protect yourself from unwanted stress. Maybe you will bring a non-alcoholic beverage to a party, attend events with a sober friend, or be prepared to leave a gathering early when temptation strikes.

Consider Tweaking Your Holiday Traditions

Some holiday traditions might not be the best choice for someone in recovery. For example, if your usual holiday gathering consists of sitting around while indulging in food and alcohol, then you may want to plan an alternative get-together, such as going ice skating or attending a holiday concert.

Find Ways to Give Back

When you help others, your focus shifts away from your own struggles. Consider volunteering in the community, offering small acts of kindness to those you care about, or supporting other people in their recovery.

Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

Stay in touch with the peers, family members, and counselors who make up your usual support system, and don’t be afraid to seek extra help if you need it. It’s perfectly normal to attend multiple support groups a week during the holidays or to schedule a few extra counseling appointments. If you’re traveling, look up nearby resources.

At Beacon Point Recovery Center, we are always happy to offer you the support that you need. To find out how we can help you this holiday season, please call us today at 215-344-7578.

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