Inpatient Treatment

Our Program – Inpatient Treatment Close to Home

Beacon Point Recovery Center offers the region’s leading residential treatment options for people seeking to recover from a substance use disorder. Our team of highly-trained and caring therapists pays close attention to each client in our care. Through specialized attention and personalized treatment at our state-of-the-art 120-bed facility in Philadelphia, we assist our clients in recovery while helping them prepare for life outside of treatment.

Inpatient Services We Offer

During your stay at Beacon Point, you’ll participate in a range of inpatient services with our experienced and attentive therapists to give you the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to overcome your SUD.

Initial Assessment

Through careful evaluations and initial assessments, we’ll prepare a unique recovery plan to meet your needs. Our therapists will determine your states of physical and psychiatric health by coordinating with your healthcare providers and performing thorough in-house evaluations. We will conduct a biopsychosocial assessment, which will help us provide the necessary education and support for your continued health and reintegration.


At Beacon Point, we offer medically supervised withdrawal management, or “detox,” for people who are experiencing signs of physical dependence on the following substances::

  • Alcohol
  • Opioid Pain Medication & Heroin
  • Benzodiazepines
  • And others

Residential Recovery Services

Our inpatient recovery services include both individual and group counseling as well as family engagement and therapy sessions. We provide educational opportunities and recovery-oriented skill development to help our clients stay clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle moving forward. Our program design is modular and will be customized to each patient’s clinical needs using evidence-based as well as holistic approaches.

  • Specialty Groups
  • Life Skill Development
  • Holistic (Mindfulness, yoga, art and music therapy)
  • Peer Support

Aftercare – Supporting You Beyond Discharge

Prior to discharge, Beacon Point’s aftercare team will work with clients to design a quality, convenient, and comprehensive step-down plan to prepare you for the challenges ahead. With your input, our team will act as your advocate in setting up the support needed to stay clean and sober. We will coordinate the transition of care to outpatient providers, help with Employer FMLA, help find peer supports, transportation, find safe and reputable sober living, and find local recovery resources and activities that help create a whole new lifestyle.

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