Dual Diagnosis

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It is estimated that nearly 70% of people diagnosed with a Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) also have an underlying mental health condition as the root cause. However, of the millions of Americans who suffer from SUD, only 7.4% ever receive the appropriate treatment. Sadly, the vast majority are bounced from one facility to another with different and often opposing methods.

Historically, psychological issues and addiction problems have usually been treated separately, with separate facilities and systems of care for the two. Only in recent years has any in-depth research been done on how addiction and mental relate to one another, and the studies have shown that most likely the majority of people who struggle with substance abuse also struggle with at least one mental disorder.

However, few addiction centers specialize in treating co-occurring disorders. Consequently, many of the treatment centers often alienate the people they’re trying to help, resulting in poor outcomes due to ignoring the psychiatric disorder underlying the SUD.

What Beacon Point Can Do

Beacon Point’s team is specially trained to address any mental health issues underlying a client’s substance abuse, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma/ PTSD
  • Others

Every client receives a psychiatric evaluation to identify other issues, symptoms, and behaviors that may be intermingled with their SUD, and they can be prescribed the appropriate medication, if necessary.

Beacon Point Recovery Center is the Philadelphia region’s premier residential addiction treatment facility.

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