Make Your Game Plan for a Sober Football Season

Make Your Game Plan for a Sober Football Season

For many people in recovery from substance use disorders, the beginning of football season is a big trigger. You may be nervous about going into gameday and worry about how you will handle temptation. Giving up alcohol or another addictive substance doesn’t have to mean giving up the Great American Sport, though.

Today, the Beacon Point Recovery Center team is here to help you make a game plan for staying sober this season.

Know the Field

Where are you planning to watch the game? If it’s an environment where people will be drinking heavily or using illegal substances, then it might be better to avoid that situation until you’re farther along in your recovery. A gathering where drinking will be light might help you feel more secure, or you can host your own party.

Gather Your Team

You have people in your corner who are ready to help, so do a quick huddle-up before the game. You might decide to bring a sober friend or give a member of your recovery team a call if you are feeling tempted. Additionally, if the people you’re watching the game with are close friends, then you should share your goals with them. Good friends will support your recovery.

Bring Your Own Beverage

From soda to water to Kombucha, having your own cooler of alcohol-free drinks can stop you from automatically reaching for a beer. You can create a new drinking ritual for yourself that won’t harm your recovery, and if you bring extra, other partygoers might be grateful to have a non-alcoholic option.

Keep Moving

Don’t spend commercial breaks sitting on the couch and fighting temptation. Instead, keep yourself busy. Talk with friends, play (non-drinking) games, and offer to help the host with snacks and clean-up. Finally, when you need a breather during the party, don’t be afraid to take a timeout.

Have an Exit Strategy

If you start to feel overwhelmed, then don’t white-knuckle the rest of the night. Ensure you have a safe way to get home and prepare to offer a quick excuse. Ultimately, your recovery is more important than getting to the fourth quarter.

Reach Your Goal of a Successful Recovery

Stick to your sobriety game plan, have an outstanding season, and if you ever need extra support, talk to the team at Beacon Point Recovery Center. Just call 215-344-7578.

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