Life After Rehab

Life After Rehab

The rehabilitation process doesn’t end when you leave Beacon Point Recovery Center. It’s an ongoing effort and a complete lifestyle change that leads our clients to live long, healthy lives after leaving our facilities.

How to Maintain Sobriety

Completing the rehab program at Beacon Point is an incredible accomplishment that each client should be proud of. While we take pride in helping clients overcome their dependence, maintaining sobriety is the true measure of success for our team.

Aftercare Arrangements and Referral Options

Our clinical staff helps arrange aftercare options including additional support groups and counseling opportunities. We can coordinate cognitive behavioral therapy sessions with some of the region’s top doctors to ensure you have continued access to the appropriate medical resources.

Advocacy with external stakeholders

People leaving treatment can be emotionally overwhelmed at the prospects of dealing with unresolved legal, employment, housing, insurance, and other issues. Our aftercare team understands these feelings and can act as your advocate in communicating with outside stakeholders, so you can stay focused on your recovery.  We can recommend reputable sober living and recovery housing if returning home is not recommended.

Group Therapy and 12-Step Support

Beacon Point helps to arrange family and group therapy sessions to support our clients, their friends, and loved ones to create a stable support system to promote wellness. We also can find 12-Step support meetings for our clients to attend after leaving Beacon Point.

Alumni Services

Staying connected and involved is essential for living a happy and substance-free life after Beacon Point. Through alumni engagements and various aftercare programs, we continue to support the wellbeing of our clients long after they leave our facilities.

A New Outlook on Life

Rehabilitation is the initial process for overcoming your SUD. To stay well long-term, you need a dedicated support system. For more information on our alumni services and what to expect for life after rehab, give Beacon Point a call today.

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