Diet & Nutrition

Daily Life – Dining and Nutrition

At Beacon Point Recovery Center, we strongly believe in creating the most comfortable environment possible to help assist you on the road to recovery. While the road may seem difficult at times, a relaxing atmosphere and like-minded peers around you can help make a huge difference.

Well-Balanced Diet

Maintaining a well-balanced diet can help boost positivity for people of all ages. Eating greasy, sloppy food can help create a negative outlook for some. At Beacon Point, we have a full team of culinary experts who are able to create, maintain and execute a healthy diet for all of our clients. Our therapists help ensure the proper amount of daily nutrients are consumed during your stay with us.

Dining Options

Water and snacks are available throughout the day in all of the group rooms located on every floor. Additional vending options are located on every floor to supplement any needs. Beacon Point’s brand new 2,500 square foot dining facility is comfortable, brightly lit, and it features specialty dining stations that will offer healthy staples regardless of daily menu selections.

Not only will our culinary team help keep you well fed during your stay at Beacon Point, but we’ll also help understand how a healthy diet can help you manage emotional well being that aids recovery.

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