Admissions – Substance Use Intervention

It is estimated that more than 90% of substance use interventions lead an individual to pursue recovery. At Beacon Point Recovery Center, we offer intervention services for those in need of professional assistance addressing the SUD (Substance Use Disorder) of a loved one.

The First Step is the Hardest

Deciding to get help is the first and most difficult step toward recovery. An intervention is not about embarrassing, scolding, or ambushing a loved one; it is about showing the person you genuinely care about them and that you are there to support them on the journey ahead.

Our experienced intervention specialists know how to successfully get through to those battling a SUD, to convince them to agree to detoxification.

Getting the Conversation Started

Many family-coordinated interventions fail because the group is not prepared to answer the concerns the dependent individual has about the detox process. We come prepared to address these barriers, which include:

  • Stigma Surrounding Rehab
  • The Efficacy of Detox
  • Employment and Financial Concerns
  • Logistical Barriers

It is critical that our clients decide for themselves to seek help. When forced, rehabilitation is relatively unsuccessful. With the help of a trusted interventionist from Beacon Point, we can help to persuade an individual they need professional help.

Don’t Delay. Call Us Now.

Each day that passes carries an immense risk for loved ones battling a substance use disorder. An intervention can be the wake-up call a person needs to realize they need to make a change. If someone close to you has refused to seek help, and you think an intervention is necessary, call us immediately.

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