Admissions to Beacon Point

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Contact 215-344-7578 to talk with one of our Intake Specialists to see about getting help. Our highly trained team will help you find help, answer questions, or just help you prepare for a later time when you or your loved one is ready to seek treatment. There is no expectation, commitment, or judgment in calling, and if we cannot help for clinical, medical, or financial reasons, we will direct you how to find resources or programs that can.


Admissions to the facility is typically a 4-step process:

Step 1 – Verification of Benefits: Our Intake team submits your insurance information to determine what is covered or not covered by your plan at that moment, and determine out-of-pocket costs (if any) involved with admission to the treatment facility. This step can be done before coming in to save time. If you do not have health insurance, our intake specialist will explain how to find coverage or funding through your local county health services department.

Step 2 – Intake: We are open 24/7 for admission, but we recommend scheduling an appointment prior to arrival to expedite the process. Please bring a valid government-issued photo I.D. and your health insurance card, and our intake specialist will collect all general information, have all required consents signed, and explain any clinical or financial questions to you.

Step 3 – Assessment: The client meets with our trained counselor, who will conduct an assessment interview to determine the level of care needed. This evaluation involves a thorough interview to understand the biological, psychological and social data, following the mandated criteria set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Step 4 – Authorization for Admission: The Beacon Point team will contact your insurance provider and hopefully gain authorization for admission to the facility based on our thorough assessment. This process can be quick or sometimes take an hour or two, depending on carrier and time of day. If you do not agree with the insurance company’s determination, there is an appeals process that is outlined for each insurance plan. However, you might decide to self-pay during this appeal. Should you assess to a lower outpatient level of care, we can help recommend a facility based on your location, coverage, and clinical need.

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